Be advised that this inspection is confined to visual and accessible areas only. Inspectors shall not inspect any area of the property considered dangerous or hazardous to their safety and health. The purpose of the inspection is to give the client an overview of the general condition of various systems in the property, both structurally and component-wise.

This inspection report is to inform you of current condition as observed at time of inspection. As a general rule cosmetic deficiencies are considered normal wear and tear and are not within the scope of this inspection unless they constitute major and visually observable defects as defined in the Inspection Agreement. However some items, which may be considered cosmetic in nature, may have been noted to assist you in evaluating other issues.

Be advised that inspectors are not engineers and can only render a visual report on the functional conditions of the structure and components at time of inspection.

Be advised that warranties and guarantees are not given on any inspected components. The inspector’s report is limited to the day and time of inspection and cannot be liable for future unforeseen malfunctions of any components.

Please be advised that All in One will test and evaluate the HVAC and heating systems in accordance with the standards of practice, which means that we do not dismantle and inspect the concealed portions of evaporator and condensing coils, the heat exchanger, which is also known as the firebox, electronic air-cleaners, humidifiers, ducts and in-line duct-motors or dampers. We perform a conscientious evaluation of both systems as we check

Some inspection components may or may not be covered by your Real Estate Contract. Consult your Realtor or attorney regarding your contractual conditions. Although some safety issues may be addressed in this inspection, this inspection is not a safety or code inspection. This inspection may not reveal all deficiencies but is intended to help reduce some of the risk involved in purchasing a property.  It is not possible to detect every concern during a general visual inspection.

All in One accepts no responsibility or liability for any omission in its inspection or the report related to defects or irregularities which are not reasonably visible at the time of the inspection,which are below ground or which are concealed or closed in behind finished surfaces (such as plumbing, drainage, heating, framing, ventilation, insulation or wiring);which required the moving of anything which impeded access or limited visibility (such as floor coverings, furniture, appliances, personal property, vehicles, vegetation, debris or soil).  All in One does not inspect septic tanks, drain fields or perform termite inspections.

All in One does not move owner/occupied items for the purposes of the inspection;

We do not inspect items that are not reasonablyand safely available to carry out a visual inspection.  This may include roofs, subfloor areas and ceiling cavities and high, constricted or dangerous areas for which inspection is not permitted by Occupational Safety and Health regulations.

In addition, the customer accepts that All in One may not detect some defects because: the defect may only occur intermittently or the defect has been deliberately concealed

The client agrees and understands that the maximum liability incurred by the Inspector/The Company for errors and omissions in the inspection shall be limited to the inspection fee. The client agrees that if a dispute between the client and company results from this inspection, arbitration will be required to be performed. If the dispute cannot be resolved through arbitration and if the client initiates a lawsuit against the company, then the client shall be responsible for all court costs and attorney fees.

The client has employed this inspection company to perform a visual inspection of all accessible areas and components at the time of inspection. The client was present, or had the opportunity to be present, and accompanied the inspector during the inspection and does not hold the inspection company and/or inspector liable for future malfunctions or replacements needed of structural systems or components of the property inspected.